Freedom of speech, the Left and Francis

by unixzealot


Berekeley students protest free speech of Milo Yiannopoulos, who was invited by the University to speak in its auditorium, because he stands for some conservative principles. He is a self-proclaimed active homosexual, which would ordinarily make him a darling of the Left. Because, however, he is opposed to many leftist ideas, they branded him a racist and a nazi. They started a fire and smashed windows. Mr. Yiannopoulos had to flee for his safety, and the talk was canceled. Obviously the Left does not support free speech for those who disagree with them.


The reason why the Left is so angry, violent, and intolerant is that their politics is a religion substitute. Most leftists and liberals are atheists or agnostics. They have elevated their causes to the level of religious dogma, and the denial of their causes to the level of heresy. Whether is it global warming, animal rights, abortion, the environment, globalism, sodomy, transgenderism, or feminism, they have attached a religious fanaticism to these ideas, and are intent on forming a world in which these ideas are enshrined and accepted by all, and placed into law in a fascist State of the Left.


Then he [Francis] comments on the fact that the conservative congregations are attracting large numbers of vocations. Instead of responding that they are perhaps doing something right, he said: “When they tell me that there is a Congregation that draws so many vocations, I must confess that I worry. The Spirit does not follow the logic of human success: it works in another way.” He then accused them of being “triumphalist.” That is a 1960s word for true Catholics who hold that the Catholic Church is the one, true Church outside of which there is no salvation, which is a dogma of faith.

Bishop Donald Sanborn