Ruthless exterminator

by unixzealot

Unfortunately, Pius XII lacked the practical sense to be a sufficiently ruthless exterminator. Instead of personally preparing erudite discourses for visiting groups of gas distributors and fashion models (he was known to do his own research for papal audiences), he probably should have been over at the Holy Office, poring over the files of modernist theologians to drum out of the priesthood forever (Chenu, Schillebeeckx, Congar, de Lubac, Rahner, Balthasar, Murray) and ferreting out their prelatial sympathizers for demotion to hospital and orphanage chaplaincies (Lercaro, Roncalli, Montini, and a large chunk of the French and German hierarchy).

— Anthony Cekada, Work of Humand Hands, 2015 (2a edició), pg 64.