Rupert Murdoch

by unixzealot

One man who is perhaps typical of the new rulership is the Chevalier Rupert Murdoch, K.S.G. This Presbyterian Papal Knight is a man of little loyalty — temporal or religious — save to himself and his minions. Beginning life as an Australian press magnate, he surrendered his native citizenship for an American passport in order to retain his media empire in the United States. The Chevalier nevertheless continues to exercise a dominant role in Australia, where, for example, he funds that country’s republican movement. Weeks after accepting his Papal Knighthood (something arranged by his Catholic spouse in return for his donation of millions of dollars to Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles), he divorced said wife and took on a much younger model. Of course, he ordered his Australian and British papers (the latter including the venerable Times of London and a host of semi-pornographic tabloids) not to report on his latest honour. While his own private life is not ideal, he has directed his sheets in Britain to expose any possible scandal in the royal family. But Murdoch need not fear the spiritual results of his actions: his ongoing donations to the Catholic Cathedral of Los Angeles have earned him a place in the crypt, whenever he should be gathered to his ancestors. The objection that might be raised of his not being Catholic can be answered by saying that his ex-wife was, and that the Church does not recognise his divorce. The Archdiocese has sold him his “stairway to heaven.”

Charles Coulombe